Every purchase of an original piece of art, limited-edition print, or open edition print through Tim Tomkinson Illustration comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate will be signed, dated, and stamped, and will include all relevant information for the item to insure it's authenticity for any future resale. 

All sales are final with the exception of any items damaged during shipping, which may be returned within 30 days. All sales through Tim Tomkinson Illustration do not include any reproduction rights or copyright transfer of the artwork sold. The copyright remains the sole ownership of Tim Tomkinson Illustration. The work may not be reproduced in any form or licensed for use without the express written consent of, and relevant payment to, Tim Tomkinson Illustration. Tim Tomkinson Illustration retains the right to reproduce and license any and all art sold through this website in perpetuity without any need to inform the owner of the original art.

Ok, enough with the legal crap. Thank you for any purchases, and I hope you enjoy them! — Tim Tomkinson